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Now anyone can conduct standard science experiments from anywhere in the world with just a smartphone

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Welcome to Foris Labs

Your Gateway to Interactive Science Education! Immerse yourself in an engaging virtual science laboratory experience designed to bring science to life. Join us on a captivating journey into the world of science!


Unlock the world of molecules and reactions. Explore Chemistry with interactive experiments.


Dive into the laws of motion, energy and beyond. Experience Physics with captivating simulations.


Discover the wonders of life and ecosystems. Engage in Biology with hands-on experiments.

Foris Labs For Teachers

Calling all educators! Foris Labs is your trusted partner for enriching science education. Access a diverse array of experiments aligned with your curriculum, track student progress, and create an interactive learning environment that promotes scientific inquiry. Our versatile platform can be used as an in-class teaching aid, seamlessly integrating technology into your lessons for an enriched learning experience.

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Foris Labs For Students

Embrace your curiosity and embark on a captivating scientific journey with Foris Labs! Discover hands-on experiments, engaging simulations, and the freedom to build a solid foundation in science at your own pace. Whether you're studying, nurturing your curiosity, or dreaming of a future in science, Foris Labs is your vibrant gateway to a world of discovery.

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Foris Labs For Schools

Elevate your school's science education with Foris Labs, a cutting-edge virtual science laboratory that revolutionizes learning.

Gain access to a diverse range of interactive, immersive experiments that empower students to explore and comprehend scientific concepts with unprecedented depth.

Join our thriving community of schools already benefiting from Foris Labs, and witness a remarkable surge in student engagement and performance in the field of science.

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Experience Foris Labs in Action Now!

Are you ready to revolutionize your science education or take your institution's teaching to the next level? Witness firsthand how our virtual science laboratory can transform the way you learn and teach science.

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